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Doctors Serving Doctors ™

  •  Founded by a Prosthodontist to serve Surgeons and General Dentists who want to offer All On 4 Implant Dentures treatment plan in their practice. Our team of  Digital Ape Doctors carry liability insurance to protect your practice. A licensed Digital Ape Doctor, not a lab tech, shows up at surgery to convert and deliver the temporaries, so that you can rest easy knowing your patient is in good hands during this clinical procedure.

All On 4 Treatment Plan Professionals

  •  We provide quality and personalized care using the latest dental technology for our All On 4 Implant Dentures. By using the latest innovation and tools, we make sure your time during surgery is as efficient as possible, and your patient walks away with a beautiful new smile. 

Conversion During Surgery to Final Prosthesis

  • Our mission is to provide your patients with seamless personalized care. We are a team dedicated to improving and maintaining your All On 4 Implant Dentures treatment. Whether you need patient consult for All on 4 Dentures or assistance with conversions, we guarantee a seamless clinical flow for your practice.



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  • We send a licensed Digital Ape Doctor to your office the day of surgery. With our services there is no gray area when it comes to steps in the procedure that require a doctor. Bottom line, less risk and liability. 


Graph illustrating doctor working on many patients

  • With a Digital Ape Doctor performing the conversion on the day of surgery, you don't have to be in the room during the restorative process. This means you can schedule other revenue generating procedures. 


Illustration of a tooth with a target showing an arrow in a bullseye to portray predictability

  • We've streamlined the All On 4 Implant Dentures restorative process with the Digital Ape One Step Smile™. This allows us to consistently deliver better results in fewer restorative appointments while reducing complications.


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- Testimonial -

“...I have worked with several labs for my full arch conversions since 2010.  I must say it gives great comfort and peace of mind that when I’m through with the surgery, I’m handing off the restorative aspects of the procedure to a qualified doctor. The DADs (Digital Ape Doctors)  understand and appreciate both the surgical and prosthetic aspects of treatment  making the surgeon’s job more streamlined.” 

Ramsey M. Fanous, DDS, MBA Caprock Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery